Easterchicks Gone Bad
"Easterchicks Gone Bad" was the first of
31 articles written by Sheri Dixon for
Homestead.org from 2004-2009, all of
which are included in this volume.

From Homeschooling to Home birth,
milking goats to hatching chickens,
"Easterchicks Gone Bad" explores and
celebrates a simple way of life that really
isn't simple at all.

The intent of each story is to be informative
and perhaps even educational, but mainly
to be entertaining.

On milking a goat-

"In the movies and  the pictures in
homesteading books, the Goatherder
strolls into the milkhouse early in the
morning; birds singing, sun just peeking
over the horizon.

She is carrying her milkstool and her
milking bucket. At the quaint dutch door of
the immaculate barn, she calls her goat,
who comes daintily dancing into the barn to
the sound of distant bells ringing.

A rosy glow infuses the milkhouse as the
Goatherder gently places her stool next to
the goat, who stands still as carved granite
with a little goat smile on her face.

The milkhouse is filled with the sound of
warm fresh milk hissing rythmically into
the bucket. After a few peaceful minutes,
the Goatherder lifts the bucket and pats the
goat on the side.

The goat gives an affectionate little
"mmmaaa", and dances back out the door,
which is quietly shut by clean little mice
who wear tiny t shirts (like on Cinderella).

This is an accurate portrayal, with the
exception of the birds, sun, bells, glow,
peace, and smiling well-behaved goat.

The little mice really exist, or at least you
will be positive that you see them as you
careen out of the barn, covered in sweat
and mosquito bites, hay in your hair, hair in
your milk, milk most everywhere but the
bucket, and the sound of laughter (the
goat's) ringing in your ears.

Actually, these are both correct, depending
on the day.

On a steamy summer morning, with the
flies already biting, the sweat pouring down
your nose,  your goat clearly not amused,
and visions of row upon row of chilled milk
gallons at the air-conditioned Walmart,  it
can be hard.

But on a brisk pre-dawn winter morning,
with your goat happily munching and your
ear resting against her warm furry side, it's
so quiet you can hear her tummy gurgling.
You glance up at your home, one light on in
the kitchen. Your family is inside, still
sleeping or just waking up. You can smell
the coffee over the good smell of clean
healthy livestock and hay.

And the little mice in t-shirts smile and
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What people are saying about "Easterchicks
Gone Bad"-

"This is one of the best books I've read. It is
witty, funny, and sometimes wry. I loved it and
I've recommended it to all of my friends and
family and in a post on Facebook. Try it!"

-Amazon reader

"This well written collection, of real life stories
is sure to keep you rolling in laughter.
Completely enjoyed it from start to finish."

- Amazon reader

"Having been a homesteader for some 4
decades in one capacity or another, I found this
book to be riotously accurate at times...taking
me on a roller coaster of memories (perhaps
even of just this morning)...
A fun read from a wordsmith extraordinaire."

- Amazon reader

"Easterchicks reads like a series of blog posts
or "small town paper" articles gathered
together as a book. Which if I'm not mistaken IS
what it is. That's not necessarily a bad thing
however if the writing is good, and it was.
The book was informative and entertaining.
Much like sitting over coffee at the kitchen
table or on the front porch with a friend."

- Goodreads reader

"You can always count on Sheri Dixon for a few
good laughs mixed in with wry observations
and a healthy dose of practical advice about
rural life. Whether you’re a city dweller just
discovering urban homesteading, or you've
been living a self-sustained life on your own
land for twenty years now, this eclectic
collection of homestead homilies will make
your day a little brighter."

- Blurb reader