the inelegant art of just getting by
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"unimpressive- the inelegant art of
just getting by" is the story of
Shayla and Athalie- two very
unlikely survivors.
Virtually alone when 'the end of
the world' arrives, they must cope
with collapse without the usual
trappings of such stories- no guns,
no bunkers, very limited funds and
no combat knowledge.
They not only manage, but manage
with grace and dignity to survive
not by luck, but by keeping their
wits sharp and their hearts open.
Sometimes it's prudent to be

"When they went to bed that first
night after pulling the truck and
trailer into the rudimentary lean-to
Ray had hastily built after the big
barn had blown away, they were
acutely aware of how much today
had been different from
yesterday…and it was a strange
and unsettling thought that for the
next months, every single day
would be different from the one
Every day they’d plan to not use
any outside energy or depend on
any outside forces; they’d use
what they still had sparingly and
carefully, and be thankful for what
they had while it still worked and
right up until it didn’t anymore.
And then they’d go on without it.
No looking back."
What readers are saying about
"unimpressive- the inelegant art of
just getting by"-

"Sheri Dixon gives us an " end of
the world as we know it" story that
is real, believable, loving and
hopeful. I loved it!"- Amazon reader

"Sheri offers a different approach to
the fall of society. Hers is a vision of
peace and cooperation. The end
does not have to be followed by
violence and gunplay. Sheri is a
wonderful writer, weaving words to
create a vivid tapestry for the
mind's eye. Cacophony and roil, two
of my favorite words, made it into
the story. How can you go wrong
with words like those?"- Kindle

"A good indie writer, Sheri Dixon
has done it again. A book that will
inspire you."- Kindle reader

"Enjoy all of Sheri's books."- Kindle
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